Dan Edmonds

From the grooving opening track “To Be That Needle,” to the charmingly lo-fi “Yearning,” Dan Edmonds presents himself as a folkie with a tough, inner-city edge on his debut album, Ladies on the Corner. It’s a stylistic shift he had been mulling over before Harlan Pepper’s dissolution, and as tracks began taking shape in his home studio, Edmonds soon realized he had no choice but to go all the way. “My idea was mainly to just hit record and see what came out,” he says. “A lot of the songs were created that way, but the entire album evolved over a long period of time. I used an 8-track machine, so I was really limited in that sense, but I loved the challenge. It was almost like trying to make the perfect demo. To me, demos always sound better than the final product in most cases.” Edmonds’ notion of not over-thinking the process extended to his lyrics as well, some of which spilled out in stream-of-consciousness fashion. Nevertheless, the imagery imbued in tracks such as “Love Can Be A Tunnel” and “Dead Couches” greatly adds to the overall dreaminess of Ladies On The Corner. Some will surely hear echoes of Kurt Vile, yet Edmonds’ well-established voice has in many ways never sounded more original, as if his intention is to deconstruct what it means to be a singer/songwriter in the first place.

Sat Sept 911:30PMMohawk College Stage (James St. N. & Wilson)

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