Culture for Kids in the Arts presents Artasia’s #HereWeArt, an interactive installation featuring integrated sculptural and digital artwork to celebrate the artistic and civic achievements of children and youth. In #HereWeArt, a series of 14 place pins, created by area youth, orbit around a large central place pin under the York Boulevard bridge. Each satellite pin marks the coordinates for an augmented reality portal, housing kids’ artistic visions. Pixel art, stop-motion animation, and a neighbourhood “story box” are accessed via QuestAR, a smartphone app developed in partnership with a team at McMaster University. The central  place pin projects children’s voices through a short film, and anchors a series of tactile and virtual mapping activities, encouraging guests to share their own stories and dreams. As part of CKA’s three year “GLocal” initiative, #HereWeArt is the first of several arts-and-technology oriented programs, set to culminate in 2020 with an international focus on inclusion and belonging.

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