Christopher McLeod

Christopher McLeod's social art project EMERGENCY asks two simple yet complex questions of public participants: What’s the emergency? What can be done about it? Through the production of art as an instrument for change — a pillar beacon with a suggestion box-style cavity for gathering written submissions from the public — the project strives to be emblematic, participatory, and supportive.  

Christopher McLeod has been exhibiting nationally since 1998 and internationally since 2009. He has a BA in Studio Art from McMaster University and completed his MFA from Emily Carr University in Vancouver, British Columbia. He was Artist in Residence two years running at the Art Gallery of Mississauga, and his interactive sculptures have been exhibited at Nuit Blanche. His work has also been featured at the Art Gallery of Hamilton, BlackFlash and Water Canada Magazine, Propeller Gallery, and the McMaster Museum of Art. His art practice explores ecological themes through publicly presented projects focusing on creating social and environmental awareness. Christopher McLeod has just recently completed Great Art for Great Lakes, where he directed eight participatory public art projects by eight Ontario artists.

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