Al Runt

Enter the world of Al Runt through his interactive Face-in-the-Hole installation . At once familiar and unfamiliar, his works are of this world but definitely not of this world. Informed by a wide range of influences from Hieronymus Bosch to Dr. Seuss, Runt’s work embodies a love and critique of humanity as his monster scene-scapes play out in front of the viewer’s eyes. If one could press “play” on any of his scenes and advance them, the scenes would look entirely different. Runt’s characters capture the joy and aggression of our urban existence. But the beauty in Runt’s works is that they don't judge, they simply present. Known for his large murals, Lee’s Palace and The Electric Mud BBQ, Runt’s art is found in many private collections. Runt’s passionate adventure has turned into a career as one of Canada’s singular visionaries,  on par with other ’80s icons such as Keith Haring and Kenny Scharf.

Alex Currie, better known by his artistic moniker RUNT or Al Runt, began his art career in Toronto’s underground scene in the early ’80s, drawing posters to hang around the Cameron House and eventually landing the gig to paint the now-iconic mural outside Lee’s Palace. He and his army of neon monsters and rascally creatures amassed a devoted following among musicians and other artists, as the Lee’s mural made the venue one of the city’s most recognizable buildings.

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