Vanessa Crosbie Ramsay

Created using 6,000 feet of hand-knit Cat 5e ethernet cable, Vanessa Crosbie Ramsay’s male-dominated considers historical ‘women’s work’ and womens’ continued under-representation in fields dominated by men in the present — such as STEM fields (Science/Technology/Engineering/Math), where the percentage of women working in these fields has barely changed in 30 years.   

Vanessa Crosbie Ramsay is a filmmaker and artist from Hamilton. Her short films have screened at festivals in Canada and internationally. Vanessa’s art centres on women’s identity and the female experience, highlighting issues of feminism, equality, and social justice. As a professional artist, her practice includes film and video, storytelling, visual art, site-specific installation, sculpture, collage, and community engagement. Vanessa is also an Arts-Educator, working with various organizations to provide specialized arts instruction in local classrooms and programs for youth. Recent solo work includes Hot Air - a media-based installation combining video projections, an oversized balloon sculpture, found audio and white noise, exhibited at Supercrawl 2017 at Centre[3] for Print and Media Arts.  Vanessa is a member of HAVN, and co-founder of the DAV(e) Collective. She was recently awarded the City of Hamilton Arts Award in Media Arts (2018).

Supercrawl Insiders

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