Feast on Art, Theatre & Spoken Word at Supercrawl

Supercrawl’s Toyota Art Zone (James between Cannon and Robert) is known for hosting vibrant and inspired displays of creativity, but this year’s zone programming showcases an incredible range of artistic inspiration — art installations (including Simon Frank’s iconic Pine St., Thea Jones’s glittering Lookout, Sandi Hartling’s philosophical Paradise Mirage, Jordyn Stewart’s playful landscape intervention Thanks for joining me, Kyle Stewart’s tongue-in-cheek street studio Artist Residency, and Peter Michael Wilson’s walk-in Camera Obscura) but also an interactive open-air photo studio operated by Steve Haining of CreateOf Studio and Mulberry Coffeehouse's live painting event Battle of the Boards (Outside of this area, Supercrawl will also feature compelling work from Shelley NiroDave Hind, and Artasia.) Full details on Supercrawl's 2017 art installations can be found here.  

Supercrawl 2017 will be also be festival’s first year of integrating live theatre and performing arts into the program, with six immersive, interactive and engaging theatre productions being staged throughout afternoon and evening of Saturday September 9, featuring work from Meredith Blackmore, INDUSTRY, Red Betty Theatre, Make Art Theatre, The Take Up, and Tottering Biped Theatre), plus circus and performance arts from locals Hamilton Aerial Group. Those shows should animate the Toyota Art Zone to a fantastic degree. Full details can be found at supercrawl.ca/performance.

On top of this, the Toyota Art Zone will also feature an Author’s Tent, showcasing readings real and virtual, talks and spoken word. In addition, Steel City Stories brings festival audiences Close Encounters, another entertaining live storytelling event to Mills Hardware featuring . Content can be mature and listener discretion is advised. Admission to Steel City Stories’ storytelling event is free but capacity is limited. Plan to arrive early!  Full details can be found at supercrawl.ca/talks

Supercrawl Insiders

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